God’s Love for You Bible Storybook – Connecting Bible Stories to Life Today {Giveaway}

What if you could combine your child’s favorite Bible stories with lessons that show how they can use those character skills in today’s world? Guess what?! Tommy Nelson has done it for you in the new God’s Love for You Bible Storybook! Tommy Nelson sent us a copy of this new storybook to check out, and it has been such a blessing. The God’s Love for You Bible Storybook features classic Bible stories and real life stories of how these lessons are being implemented around the world by believers of today.

God's Love for You Bible Storybook

Traditional Bible favorites and faith stories from children show kids that God’s love reaches all the way around the globe!

God’s Love for You Bible Storybook teaches favorite Bible stories followed by real stories of people sharing God’s love. Kids will see how they can learn from and help people all over the world. This book will help raise up a generation of generous, global Christians who are active in their communities and their world.

The illustrations by Martina Peluso are bold and whimsical and the colors cover the entire page. The artwork drew my children in right away, and the stories kept their attention. With 272 pages, God’s Love for You Bible Storybook features over 70 Bible events and stories of faith.

God's Love for You Bible Storybook

Scattered throughout the book (after almost every or every other story), you will find full color photos of children and believers from around the world attached to stories of mission work, individuals who have given of themselves and shown God’s love to people everywhere. World Vision® CEO Richard Stearns and his wife, Reneé, put these stories together sharing about children they’ve met through World Vision, what life is like in their corner of the world, and how God is working through their lives.

God's Love for You Bible Storybook

The stories are inspiring, and motivating for children. Add to that the fun facts about the different countries featured in the book, and you’ve got an all around educating experience!

Geared for ages 4-9, God’s Love for You Bible Storybook retails for $19.99 (hardcover/272 pages). Proceeds of this book will be donated to World Vision. Click HERE to see a digital preview. Find more faith-based products like this for children and families online at www.tommynelson.com. Be sure to visit Tommy Nelson on Facebook, and follow @TommyNelson on Twitter!

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  1. Laura Pol says:

    Since he is so young, we do hugs and not throwing toys at people! Haha!

  2. Tamara Sz says:

    I think this is a daily thing for us. We pray for those around us and try to teach kindness and charity to them

  3. Michelle Frame says:

    I encourage my kids by asking that they be examples of God’s love everyday at school.

  4. At the end of the day, we always ask at the dinner table, where did you see or show God’s love today? We love this part of our day. Thanks!

  5. I tell my kids that everyone is different on purpose. They are a child of God and we must love each other. In the end we are all brothers and sisters.

  6. By being an example to them, doing service projects like Operation Christmas Child and to be loving/kind to others.

  7. Kayla Rice says:

    I really did not need to with my son. He just naturally does. With my daughters I do encourage them.

  8. Debby Chandler says:

    We try to contribute to the local food bank and animal shelter when we can.


  10. Terra Heck says:

    I’ve encouraged them by letting them know it’s okay to openly discuss God with their friends and not be ashamed in their beliefs. I’ve also encouraged them by having them donate gently used clothes and toys to a local Catholic charity that, in turn, gives them to needy families for free. Thanks.

  11. thru daily activities, where we can share the experience together

  12. I have told my daughter to not judge others because some do not understand the way we do. (tolerance) Thanks.

  13. Leading by example, exposing them to missionary projects, charities, outreach programs… Depending on the age, children can absorb at different levels so teach as they grow but, give them credit, they see and learn quickly. They’re inquisitive. Always be there to lead, teach and answer questions as they come along.


  14. I’m teaching faith formation to my daughter’s kindergarten class for the first time and just love it! It’s amazing to see those little smiles learning about our faith :)

  15. Since my children are still quite young, we encourage manners and lead by example

  16. Would love this for my grandsons, Maddox and Evan Pierce!

  17. I just try my best to encourage kindness and a loving heart. It’s hard some days…:)

  18. I tell my son to treat people like you want to be treated and to always help others

  19. Jaimie Adams says:

    I have encouraged my children to treat others and Jesus would treat them. We talk about being loving and kind and how it makes them feel when people are loving and kind to them.

  20. I have by helping to bring kids to VBS but then go with them every day because i couldn’t get enough!

  21. We pray for others and invite kids to vbs and give to mission projects. I always tell them they are Jesus hands and feet.

  22. Jessica Wyatt says:

    He’s only 18 months, but we are trying to lead by example and try to get him to understand that he cannot hit, throw, etc.

  23. Yes, we have!

  24. My daughter is still young, but she understands when we tell her she has to be nice and she has to share. As she gets older we will continue to explain to her why it is important to share and be kind and show love to others, that it is because Christ loves us and gave Himself for us.

  25. Sandra VanHoey says:

    We pray together daily at meals, bedtime and do a lot of Bible stories. it is a daily task to talk to them about kindness and how important it is to be nice to others and treat them as we want to be treated

  26. Through kindness.

  27. by being respectful of others, and kind

  28. stephanie says:

    yes i have

  29. Sherl Bastien says:

    to be kind to everyone, even if they are not nice to you.. you maybe the only person that was nice to them today

  30. kathy dalton says:


  31. We teach our foster kiddos that other children have less than they had. We put together bags of Christmas gifts to give to Haitian children for Christmas! Amazing lesson of love.

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