My New Writing Gig & a Quick Plea for a Vote TONIGHT!

{UPDATE: We did it! We reached out vote goal and will be considered for the grant. Now we just have to wait till the next phase of the selection process. THANK YOU to all who took the time to vote!}

I hadn’t even had a chance to spread the news, but I just started writing for an AMAZING site that is all about strengthening marriages and we could really use your help TONIGHT! The Dating Divas have applied for an amazing grant to help our website grow and we need to gather 250 votes before midnight!! We would be more grateful than you would ever know if you could take a moment to vote for us. It’s SO easy! Go to this website: and click the blue “Log In and Support” button. For the business name, type “The Dating Divas” and click “search.” When you find us, click “Vote.” It’s extremely easy to vote, all you need is a Facebook account! Told ya it was easy, right? Thank you SOOOO much!! We are crossing our fingers we hit 250 votes in time! We just heard about this unheard of opportunity today and we can’t even imagine where we could take our website with such a grant! Just that many more marriages we can help!!

I’ll get an actual post together about my new venture (I AM SO EXCITED!), but until then, read my intro post and get acquainted with all the Dating Divas! :)


  1. OH my goodness! This is wonderful! Congratulations. I’m headed over to check out the site. I absolutely LOVE the concept!

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