New at #ChiquitaMoms – Upcycle Crafts, Shopping Consignment Sales, and Easy Ways to ‘Go Green’

It’s Monday and that means a whole new week of great content over at the Chiquita Moms Community, as well as a new poll question! Head over and check out my upcycle crafts posts with fun ideas for upcycle crafts for moms and kids, as well as a peek into Chiquita’s own upcycle crafting project!

Vanessa is also in the upcycling mood, and posted a super easy and so cool no sew upcycle T-shirt bag tutorial that has me scouring my husband’s closet for old T-shirts!

Also new at Chiquita Moms is Natalie’s ‘10 Easy Ways To Go Green That You Can Start Doing Today‘ list that can help you get started living green with just a few small steps, Tricia’s mommy journey into figuring out ‘When Bribery Isn’t Bribery‘ with her three-year-old (very enlightening and helpful), and Katie shares her tips on shopping consignment sales and how you can save money on clothes for your kids as well as you!

If you haven’t joined the Chiquita Moms community yet, don’t wait! It’s completely FREE and there’s tons of great info, and a growing community of supportive moms to share with and learn from. Be on the lookout for great new updates and changes! Hope to see you around!

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